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Featured on NBC4’s Black Friday Shopping Segment

This past Friday, I received a very welcome surprise from 
NBC4’s Emmy Award winning reporter Kim Baldonado

She loved my friend Helen Louise Stiver’s women supporting women in small business concept so much that she highlighted our Holiday Share Joy Gift Guide for their Black Friday Shopping segment.
I’m thrilled to share this incredible press with all of you!

Watch the 33sec clip above and if you need a unique gift for a loved one (or yourself) hop on over to the gift guide to find your new favorite things!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

xoxo - Vanessa Louise Marie


Share Joy Gift Guide


Watch Full 2min 10sec News Segment:


Video Transcript:   
Shopping online is another way to support small businesses. What better way
to share community, share that connection and support one another. That's what
Helen Louise Stiver was thinking when she gathered 23 other female artisans
and makers to create the share joy gift guide on one online page you can find links to
handmade gifts such as jewelry from Stiver’s Charming Little Lotus
Vanessa Louise Marie Arthur’s VLM Jewelry, Stacy Wong’s one of a kind wood goods
and Whiskey and Woof's scented candles.

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