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Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day and I am grateful. Grateful for everything I have: a loving and supportive husband, a joyful fur baby (our dog Paloma), loyal friends and family, a beautiful roof over our head, healthy nourishing food to eat, customers who appreciate the work I do, and a job I love! God is good and I’m spending time celebrating and reflecting on the many reasons why I am blessed and grateful to live in a country where, as a woman, I can be an entrepreneur and my own boss. It really is a beautiful thing that I never want to take for granted!

Today I am also reflecting on one of my core values as a business owner: support the local economy and foster job creation. One of the ways I choose to do that is by manufacturing my jewelry in Downtown Los Angeles. It makes me feel proud to use my talents to play a small part in the overall strength, prosperity and well being of my community and country. By supporting small businesses like mine you can feel proud too, knowing that your hard earned dollars that you labored for go right back into supporting a thriving community. That is so important to the health of our economy now more than ever. Thank you for your support and may you have a safe and happy Labor Day!
Thank you Stephanie at Booth Photographics for capturing these great photos of me working!

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