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The inspirational journey to motherhood and creating ATMOSPHAERA

I almost didn’t publish this video because at the peak of my pregnancy I was experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. I was ultra sensitive, not feeling like myself and couldn't breathe or get comfortable because my baby was doing gymnastics in that big belly! All the other footage from that day was so hard for me to watch because I was crying in all the takes. Can you relate? Ultimately I decided the message was important and it was worth being vulnerable to share it because I explain the deeper meaning behind my new jewelry collection ATMOSPHAERA. 

A mere twenty four hours after filming this I went into a fast and furious labor. My son, Neo, was born only six intense hours later!
Watch the 1min 30sec story above.
... | Meaningful Materials | Handmade in Los Angeles

Creating a mood of tranquility and protection with ATMOSPHAERA was top of mind while selecting new materials. Each organic element was uniquely made by mother nature and hand selected for its beauty and symbolism. I'm so excited to share what makes these genuine details so special! | Tahitian Pearl Gold Hera Earrings | Handmade in Los Angeles

Tahitian Pearls: Organic gems formed from the black lipped oyster. These pearls derive their name from the fact that they are cultivated around the islands of  French Polynesia, around Tahiti. For centuries pearls have been used by many cultures to help women connect with their feminine energy and are frequently associated with purity, honesty and love. Especially a mother’s love. Shown above : Hera Earrings | Abalone Ebony Oculus Necklace | Handmade in Los Angeles

Abalone Shell: lines the shell of an oceanic mollusk. The dreamy aesthetics and calming energy of abalone shell promotes feelings of love, peace and compassion. Hold this shell and visualize connecting to the healing power of the ocean.

Ebony Wood: has a long standing place in ancient history of being revered for its beauty and mystery. The dark chocolate tone wood has been prized throughout the ages for its decorative quality and worn as a symbol of protection and power. Shown above: Oculus Necklace | Macrame Oracle Necklace | Handmade in Los Angeles

Waxed Cotton Cording: Several new styles pay homage to a revival of the arts and crafts movement with hand made macrame, fringe and knotting details. Waxed cotton cording infuses a casual chic, bohemian vibe into ATMOSPHAERA. It mixes perfectly with all the genuine shell and pearl adornments throughout the collection.

Shown above: Oracle Necklace

Atmosphaera collection drops AUGUST 14th! 
Over 30 new styles made to effortlessly dress up or down and compliment your bohemia moderne lifestyle. | FB Virtual Launch Party
Look Book Photography: Angela So / Key HMU Artist: Kylie Small / Assistant HMU Artist: Olivia Peters
Model: Nicole Castillo / Wardrobe: Kalita Official

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(Video Transcript) This journey I've taken down the road to first-time motherhood has been full of so many different emotions. One day I could be completely joyful, happy and excited about this new experience and other days I'm terribly frightened and questioning whether or not I'm going to be able to handle those challenges. I try not to think too far ahead and remember that everything’s going to be okay. And it's been a very interesting time because it's helped inform this new collection from a much deeper place. I've taken all those good bad and other emotions and really thought about how I could channel that into pieces that can make you feel confident and protected when you wear them and even given some deeper thought into how I selected certain materials to create more of a feeling of protection and tranquility. Just like during my nesting period where I was trying to prepare the home for myself to feel inspired and also to take care of and create a safe environment for our new child. I think this collection can speak not only to mothers but to other women who just want to have more of a feeling of tranquility and protection to go out into the world and not be negatively affected by some of the energy that gets thrown at you.

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